Charter Trolling

C-Quarters is home to several great charter services. All Charters are customized based upon the types of fishing opportunities available and the type of fishing requested by the customer.

The Northwestern Gulf Coast offers a variety of different angling opportunities mainly due to the vast amounts of unspoiled back county islands and crystal clear flats.

List of Charter Services

For information concerning charters, please call C-Quarters Marina at 850-697-8400.

Charter Boat

Renegade Charters
Capt. Scott Luke
(850) 251-0784

Sideline Fishing Charters
Tim Edwards
(850) 251-9705

Seawolf Charters
Randy Jossey
(850) 508-2819


Dispatch Service

Charter Boat

Boat U.S. Towing Services
(850) 697-8909